While working with Microsoft Office products such as Excel or Access, you may occasionally run into a run-time error.


These errors may prevent you from submitting the file you have been working on. 

Most run-time errors fall into 4 categories. Please click the appropriate link if you are experiencing a run-time error.

Run-time Errors 424 and 5

Run-time Error 7

Run-time Error 1004

Occasionally more obscure run-time errors such as run-time error 91 will occasionally occur. In these situations, download the file anew from MyEducator, and try the assignment again. Often the more obscure run-time errors are a one-time occurrence.

If you are still stuck, please contact MyEducator support by clicking your name -> Contact Us in MyEducator. You can also email us at support@myeducator.com, but sometimes Gmail and other email providers will prevent sending Macro-enabled files.