We recently discovered a change Canvas made in how assessment due dates are passed back to the MyEducator platform. Instead of passing back the overall due date for an assessment, Canvas instead searches for the due date furthest in the future. This occurs when an instructor makes an exception for a student to have a later due date due to personal or technical circumstances. So if the general due date of an assessment is 4/10, but an exception is granted for one student to turn in the assessment by 4/15, Canvas passes the 4/15 date back to MyEducator as the general due date for the assessment.

To mitigate this, we've introduced a prompt each time you launch an assessment to help ensure the correct date gets passed to MyEducator. Each time a due date is changed and an assessment is launched, you will be prompted on which due date you'd like the assessment to have:

The prompt will allow you to choose either the existing due date or the due date Canvas is trying to send to the MyEducator platform. All you'll need to do is choose the due date you want to keep, and then the assessment will launch right after.