Students might be experiencing an issue where they try to access their assignments through Canvas. When trying to do so, they come across the MyEducator Login. They will try to log in, however it might continue to refresh and show a blank page again. 

We are still working on solving this issue. In the meantime there are a few solutions for students who might be experiencing this issue. 

1. It could be that they are using Google Chrome: 


    Due to a recent Chrome update, the way that Canvas handles 3rd party cookies has changed. Due to a recent Chrome update, the way that Canvas handles 3rd party cookies has changed. This update disables cookies which means your MyEducator won't connect with Canvas. These steps can be followed in order to enable cookies on your computer.

  • Click the three little dots in the top right corner just under the "X" that closes Chrome.
  • Click on Settings. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click on Advanced.
  • Under the Privacy and Security section choose "Site Settings".
  • Under "Permissions" choose "Cookies and Site Data".
  • The first switch (Allow sites to save and read cookie data) must be on.
  • Leave the second switch (Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome) off.
  • The third switch (Block third-party cookies) needs to be off (this one in particular is the problem).
  • Close that tab and try to access MyEducator again.

2. A student my have different extensions downloaded on their computer:

    If you have any extensions that block adds, prevents inappropriate content or helps to clean your computer on your computer, they might be blocking the cookies from MyEducator. If you know of any of these extensions, like Mackeeper, WindowsDefender, AdBlocker, etc. on your computer, they all have the potential to block your MyEducator cookies. Disabling or removing these extensions could solve your problem using Chrome, or other Browsers.

3. A student may be using a different Browser that is not Chrome that is also not working. As this point you might want to try any other internet Browser you have or can download, such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc. 

If none of these possible solutions work, we encourage students to contact MyEducator Support at for further assistance.