Support Checklist: 


• Excel Account—Are you logged in through your school's Microsoft 365 subscription? 

(For WGU: WGU’s Microsoft Office 365 subscription, found at “Microsoft Office 365 for WGU Students”? )

• Ensure that the student only has one (blank) worksheet open, if there are multiple that can create issues with the Add-In working. 


• Users only need to install add-in once per machine, and then they will be able to use it for all their MyEducator courses. 


• Excel Online is not yet fully compatible with these courses. Users should not use Excel Online or Excel 2016 to complete their assignments. 


• Users only need the add-in to complete the excel assignments in the MyEducator course. They will look like this: 



All other assessments and parts of the course can be accessed and completed on any mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) connected to the internet. You just need Microsoft Office to complete the Excel parts, including the high-stakes exam. 


• Please email if you need help.