These are the most common run time errors users experience with Microsoft Office. These errors can happen with all Microsoft Office products, but are most common in Excel and Access.

These error most commonly occurs when an Office program is out of date, corrupt, or incompatible with our Macros. It can often be solved by either update office with help from , or by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Office. Getting Office updated resolves this error the majority of the time.

A lot of time, Excel will appear to be up to date, even when it is not. In this case, it is best to uninstall and then reinstall Office to the latest version.

Finally this problem occurs when using a computer that doesn't meet the minimum requirements for our Excel course. (see This could be an issue of insufficient computer specs, or an outdated operating system. You can can either update your computer to the latest operating system, or use a different computer that meets the requirements. 

If none of the above solutions are helping, you can send your file to MyEducator Support to be submitted by clicking your name -> contact us in MyEducator. You can also email us at, but sometimes Gmail and other email providers will prevent sending Macro-enabled files.