An instructor has the ability to link the MyEducator material to the Canvas Learning Management System. If your instructor has not yet integrated MyEducator with Canvas, click here to view the general sign-up instructions (

In order to access the MyEducator smart textbook within your Canvas course:

1. Login to your Canvas account. 

*Depending on your institution/organization, this may be done through the university/college website.

2. Make sure you have an email set in Canvas, and that it is the same as any existing MyEducator account you have.

3. Click on the new "MyEducator" module.

4. Enter Student ID (optional).

5. Add payment information.

***See below for additional information, if an "empty shopping cart" appears.

6. Verify the information and pricing, and click "Purchase".

7. Click the materials you would like to view, or click the "Open Course" button.

8. Once you have accepted the terms of service, you can navigate to the MyEducator smart textbook from the comfort of Canvas.

***Here are some tips for accessing your MyEducator smart textbook in Canvas if you receive a message about an empty shopping cart.

  • Please do not use a tablet or a phone to purchase the book - use a computer.
  • Please use Chrome or Firefox as your Internet browser.
  • Please make sure that your Canvas has an email that is identical to MyEducator account if you already have an account on MyEducator. If not, please still make sure that there is your email address on Canvas.
  • If you have MyEducator account, please log out from it by going to (
  • If you are still unable to access the book in Canvas, please clear cache, close all the Internet browsers (if you are a Mac user, please "quit" them all), and then try it again.

Do you have an access code? Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to redeem your pre-purchased access code (

If you are retaking a course, you do not need to purchase the content again. Sign up like normal and the system should recognize your prior purchase. If you have any problems, please contact us at