This is a guide for importing MyEducator assessments into your Canvas course.

To be able to import MyEducator assessments into your Canvas course, the MyEducator CanvasConnect external tool app must already be installed (refer to this guide), the CanvasConnect external tool link must already be placed in your Canvas course (refer to this guide) and you must have a MyEducator resource connected to your Canvas course (refer to this guide).

1. Navigate to your Canvas course.

2. Click the “MyEducator CanvasConnect” module sub-item link.

3. Click the Load MyEducator CanvasConnect in a new window button. 

4. Click the “Import Assessments” link.

5. Select the assessments you want imported into Canvas. Decide whether or not to have the assessments open in a new tab in Canvas (we recommend having them open in a new tab). Click the Create Assessment Links in Canvas button.

6. This process may take a few minutes!

7. After the importing process has finished, navigate back to the Canvas tab to view the assessments in Canvas.

8. Navigate to the Assignments page.

9. Click on a MyEducator assessment to verify it works as expected.

10. Exit out of the MyEducator assessment link tab and navigate back to the MyEducator tab and click the Finish button to return to the Current Connections page.

You have successfully imported MyEducator assessments into your Canvas course! Follow this guide to identify which MyEducator assessments you've already imported into your Canvas course. Click here to learn how to place MyEducator reading links in your Canvas course. For any assistance, contact