Having troubles working on or submitting your Access assignment? See below for the most common problems that come up while submitting assignments through OAL/VOAL.

Problem: I don't have the Assignment or Submit button

Solution: You haven't allowed macros to run on the file

There's a yellow security prompt that comes up for every file you open in Access. If you don't allow this prompt, you won't be able to see assignment instructions or submit the assignment once you've completed it.

Problem: I try and submit my file, but the submission hangs at 24% and never moves

Solution: Your file is in the wrong location. 

Because of how the OAL/VOAL works, you need to be very specific in where you put your file. The file path will look similar to the following, based on what your netID is: C:/User/local_Jsmith. You can navigate to that location using the following steps: 

1. Open File Explorer and click on the following:

    A. This PC > C: > Users > local_(NetID) (your net ID is the ID you use to log into the OAL/VOAL)

    B. If your TAMU NetID is JSmith, it would look like C:/User/local_JSmith

    C. Move your assignment file to this folder

The file must be saved in the local_netID folder, NOT just the folder with your netID in it.

Problem: Even when my file is in the right place, it won't open in Access

Solution: Open the file through Access instead of double clicking on the file itself

Sometimes the OAL/VOAL doesn't like it when you try to open a file directly by clicking on it. Instead, open up Access and load the file through it using the following steps:

1. Open Access

    A. Click on the Open button on the left side

    B. Navigate to where you just saved your file (This PC > C: > Users > local_(NetID)

    C. Double click on the assignment file

    D. That's it! You should be able to access, work on, or submit your file now.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact our support team at support@myeducator.com and we will assist you further.