Some University Office licenses are restricted to not allow add-ins to be downloaded/used. Instructions to bypass those restrictions are as follows:

(This only applies to students using a Windows computer or Office Online, as MacOS users can use the side-load method

1) Create a personal Microsoft Account and add that account to your University Office 365 (if you did not have Microsoft Office before downloading the University version; if you previously owned Office 365, ignore the first step in the process below). You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Create an / / account by going to 
  2. After the creation of a new account, open Excel and click "Sign in with a different account" in the top right (stay logged into your University account
  3. Click "Add Account," and then once logged into your personal account that you just created, open a blank worksheet

It is extremely important that the student remains logged into their school account, but is using their personal account to open the worksheets and complete the assessments. 

2) Now, follow the usual steps for installing the Add-In for PC using the personal account that was just created.