If you are being reimbursed for your textbook payment, you may need a receipt that includes your payment information or proof of payment. To request a more detailed receipt, please email your request to accounting@myeducator.com with the following information:

Information to identify payment

  • Payment description number: 19-digit long number that may have been included in the description of the charge on your credit card. Example: 2209028658975744001


  • The email associated with the purchase (which email did you enter at the time you bought the textbook?) 
  • The title of the course. Example: Fin 201 (Sections 1 and 2) - Winter 2016
  • The date of purchase, if possible
  • The last four numbers of the card used to make the purchase


  • The email you would like us to send the receipt to, if different from the email you contacted us with. (You may want the receipt to be sent to your email with the institution, or to the person responsible for reimbursing you.)