When working in MyEducator you may reach a page that displays the following message:

"This assessment must be accessed through your organization's learning management system, such as Canvas, Blackboard, etc."

MyEducator communicates closely with your institution's LMS, or learning management system, to transfer grades and other course analytics. To ensure that grades transfer appropriately and promptly, MyEducator/your instructor has organized your course to include most assessments/exams within your LMS, instead of through MyEducator's.

  • If you click the "Assignments" tab in your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), you should be able to select the assignment in question and complete it as expected. 
  • If the assessments are not under the "Assignments" tab or you do not have an "Assignments" tab, check other tabs on the left-hand side of your LMS homepage. 
  • If you are still not able to find the assignment, you may want to email your instructor and ask where the assignments are set to show for students. 

If your instructor does not know or you find the assignments but experience an error, please feel free to reach out to support@myeducator.com with a screenshot of the error so that we can assist.