When finished with your Excel Assignment, you might wonder, "Where do I submit my Assignment?"

To do this you will look at the toolbar at the top of your Excel Spreadsheet. 

At the top of the toolbar, you will see the different tabs, such as Home, Insert, Draw, etc. You will want to go to the last tab, the "Assignment" tab, and click on that option. 

Once you click on it, the toolbar will change and you will see an option for you to submit your assignment, it is a little page icon with a checkmark in the middle with the word Submit underneath. Select that option. 

Once you hit submit, a small page will pop up asking you if you want to submit your assignment, if it is 100% complete it will just say, "Are you sure you want to submit your assignment?" If you are missing something it will display the words in the box below. Make sure you have completed all your work before you try to submit it. If you are sure you have completed all the work, select the "Yes" option. Then your assignment will be submitted for you, and you will be able to see your grade in the grade book. 

**NOTE: If the "Assignment" tab does not appear this means you do not have macros enabled. To enable macros you will have to follow the instructions on this link: How to Enable Macros

If that does not work for you, or you are running into any issues submitting your assignment, contact MyEducator support at support@myeducator.com.