MyEducator uses both SignUp IDs and Coupon Codes (also known as "Access Codes") and they perform very different functions.

  • SignUp IDs are assigned to a unique section of a course and are specific to that course/section. They are used to help students easily find and sign up for the course they are looking for. A SignUp ID can be found at the end of a signup link (often provided by an instructor) such as the following: ("1_xMUoU1234" would be the SignUp ID here).

  • Coupon Codes (also known as "Access Codes") are used in place of purchasing a text directly from MyEducator's website. These codes should appear in the following format: 0000-000-0000-00-0000 and are entered into MyEducator on the Payment Screen (after selecting a course to add/purchase) by clicking the link in the bottom right labeled "Already Have an Access Code?"

If you have any further questions regarding SignUp IDs or Coupon/Access Codes, please contact and include any information that might help us understand your situation such as the name and email address associated with your MyEducator account, the title and section number of the course you are attempting to add, your instructor's email address, or any additional relevant information.