Here are some tips for accessing your MyEducator smart textbook in Canvas if you receive a message about an empty shopping cart:

  • Please use a computer when purchasing the book. Students run into issues very often when they try to use a phone or tablet to purchase the book. 
  • Please use Chrome or Firefox as your Internet browser. We do not recommend using Safari. 
  • Please make sure that your Canvas email and MyEducator email are the same. The MyEducator course will have a difficult time linking to your Canvas account if the emails are not the same. 
  • If you have a MyEducator account, please log out from it by going to
  • If you are still unable to access the book in Canvas, please clear cache, close all the Internet browsers (if you are a Mac user, please "quit" them all), and then try it again.
  • Check to make sure your internet browsers Third Party Cookies are enabled. The process for this is different for each browser. This link should take you to all the different browser options and FAQs! 

Linked from "How do I access MyEducator through Canvas?"