We sell a digital product, and access codes are delivered via email. Each access code provides lifetime access to the material of a course associated with the access code. The price is the same for students purchasing directly from us and bookstores purchasing from us for resale. The ISBN is not needed for purchase. 

It's easiest for students to purchase access to courses directly from MyEducator, so we recommend encouraging students to take that route. Students can simply follow a link to make the purchase and access the book; no access codes necessary! Where university policy requires students to make purchases through bookstores, we request that bookstores minimize any markup as much as possible to help us in our mission to provide quality educational materials at a low cost for students.


Bookstores can place orders for access codes by filling out the form at the following link:


To help bookstores avoid the hassle of requesting chargebacks, the access codes do not expire. They can be used for any book relating to a certain main title, even if the course is updated for future semesters. We recommend that bookstores stock only a few access codes for each title at a time; many bookstores have found that the access codes do not move as quickly as expected, even for large courses. When a return is still desired, we can offer credit that will be automatically applied toward a future purchase.