MyEducator's Excel, Powerpoint, Word, and Access files often contain Macros. Macros are nifty VBA code classes that enable MyEducator to grade work automatically, guide tasks, submit assignments, and more.

The Majority of the time, when a file that contains macros is opened, a message alert appears that allows you to enable editing for the assignment. 

After Enabling editing, a message then appears to enable content.

Macros are now enabled in your file. For powerpoint an tool needs to be selected from the assignment tab for content to appear.

Sometimes, a warning will appear instead, and you will be unable to enable Macros correctly.

If this occurs, click File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Macros -> Disable All Macros with Notification. 

(If you still encounter this issue after changing this setting and reopening the file, you may try selecting the enable all Macros option. This is not recommended because potentially dangerous code from outside of MyEducator could run.)

Sometimes the enable editing option will not appear at the top. In this case, go to file -> and click the Enable Editing box. The option to enable content should then appear like normal.

Macros cause some email providers to think these files to have a virus, because of this, the best way to send files to MyEducator is by clicking your name -> contact us in MyEducator, and then attaching your file in the window that pops up.

If you have Windows 10 S see