For those whose first language is not English, it is sometimes nice to have a portion of the text translated. Some of the materials on MyEducator platform is strictly protected for copyright and copying materials to some translation service causes the lock out. 

ReadSpeaker on MyEducator now has a translation service powered by Google Translate. Even though this is not the perfect translation, it will give you some ideas of what the text means in your native language. In order to have the text translated,

1. Highlight the portion of text that you want to see the translation

2. Click the down arrow that appears on the bottom left corner of the ReadSpeaker "Listen" button

3. Choose the "conversation balloons" icon in the dropdown menu

4. Choose the preferred language

5. Once you choose the language (in this example, Japanese), you should see a window pop up and gives you the translation done by Google Translate

Note: This is not perfect translations since it is done by a machine. My Educator is not responsible for the correctness and the accuracy of the translations.