Follow this guide to create an external learning tool link that your students can use to access their MyEducator account within Brightspace.

Admin note: The MyEducator app can only be installed on a course to course basis, not at an institutional level.

You will need and can obtain the following items from your MyEducator sales representative:

  • Course Number
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret


This may require administrator permissions. If you are not able to follow the steps described here, you will need to reach out to your institution's Brightspace administrators for assistance.

Configure the External Learning Tool Link

1. Navigate to the Admin Tools menu (the gear icon on the far right end of the navigation bar). Under the header "Organization Related", select "External Learning Tools"

2. Under "Manage External Learning Tool Links", click "New Link"

3. Fill out the "Properties" section:

Your "Properties" should look something like this:

4. Fill out the "Key/Secret" section:

  • Signature: Check the box labeled "Sign messages with key/secret with" and make sure the radio button labeled "Link key/secret" is also selected
  • Key: This is your Consumer Key
  • Secret: This is your Consumer Secret

Your "Key/Secret" section should look something like this:

5. Fill out the "Security Settings" section:

  • Make sure the radio button labeled "Use link security settings" is selected
  • Make sure the following security settings are checked *(feel free to check any others, but the ones listed here are required)*:
    • Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to tool provider
    • Send user name to tool provider
    • Send user email to tool provider
  • Under "Make link available to" click the "Add Org Units" button and add your course to the list.

Your "Security Settings" should look something like this:

6. Click "Save and Close"

Place the External Learning Tool Link

Now that the link is created, you can place it somewhere in your course. Feel free to put it wherever you'd like, but we recommend creating a new module and placing the link inside.

  1. Create a new module and name it "MyEducator"
  2. In the new module, open the dropdown menu titled "Add Existing Activities" and select "External Learning Tools"
  3. Select the "MyEducator Course Link" option (that we just created)

All Done!

The External Learning Tool Link is all ready to go! Students (and you!) can now access MyEducator directly within Brightspace.

When your students use the link for the first time, an account will be created automatically and then prompt for payment (if required). After that, students will be able to directly access their course on MyEducator.

Not working?

Please contact if you encounter any issues and we'll be happy to assist you.