It is useful for you to be able to see the summary of your course progress in reading, videos, all assessments, etc.; however, it may not be required to be completed per your instructor (Please communicate with your instructor to understand what is a part of your grade). 

In order to see your progress summary for your course (aka Analytics):

1. Click "Course" on the top right side of MyEducator screen, and then select "Progress"


From the main page, you can see an overview of the activity completion that is a percent of everything that exists in the course. Please note that for the assessments, it shows the percent of assessments completed rather than your average scores/performance of the assessments.

<Detail View for Topics>

If you scroll down, you can see more detailed progress by topics. If there are videos and assessments embedded into the text, both the Video Completion column and Assessment Completion column shows how many videos/assessments you completed out of total number of videos/assessments embedded in the topic. Please note that the Assessment Completion column shows the percent of total assessments in the topic. The Assessment Performance shows the average performance of all the assessments in the topic that you completed. 

<Detail View by Topic>

When you click the topic title, it will take you to the similar page, but for the topic alone instead of the entire course (notice it says Topic 2 in the below screen shot). You have the topic summary of completions and further down, you see the activities for each section within this topic. 

 <More Details: Reading, Video, Assessments>

You can view details about what you have completed for each activity by clicking the progress bar in the Detail table. 

When you click one of the Reading Completion progress bar, you see a window like below for the specific section you clicked. The Completion is the percent of paragraphs completed reading and Paragraphs turns light blue once the paragraph is counted as read. Gray means that you have not yet read the paragraph. 

When you click one of the Video Completion progress bars, you see a window like below for the specific section you clicked.

When you click the video camera icon under Videos in Section, it gives more detailed information of when you started watching the video, when you finished, duration of the video watched, and 5-second blocks visited (if blue, completed and if gray, not yet completed). If you click "Open Video", it will take you to the page where the video is embedded.

Finally, when you click one of the bars in the Assessment Completion column, you will have a window that shows Submission Date, Submission Score and Overall Score of the specific assessment. Overall score may be the highest of all the submissions or first of a few submissions, or the average of some submissions. It depends on how your instructor sets it. For the grading details, please contact your instructor. If you click one of the Assessment Completion bars in the first Progress page, you will see a window that shows Submission Date, Submission Score and Overall Score of all the assessments in the topic. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact