Based on your instructor's settings, you can follow instructors, assistants, and other students in the course to see exactly what they have highlighted and noted. You can also filter notes by topic, highlight color, and tag. All of the highlights and notes you made since July, 2015 will appear in the Study Notebook.


If you would rather watch a video, click here.

Here are a few things you can do with the notebook:


To add a tag...

1. Highlight the text you want to highlight and type your note about it.

2. Type any tag into the field below.

3. Don't forget to click "Save".



In the Study Notebook...

When you want to come back to your notes, click the "Go To" button, next to "Notebook".

If your instructor has enabled the Study Notebook, you'll see the notebook button in the options on the right as you are viewing the text. If you don't see the option, you can ask your instructor to enable it. 



From the "Options" tab, you can set who else gets to see your tags, notes, and highlights, as well as set whose you want to see. You can also decide not to publish any of your highlights if you want them to stay private.




From the "Highlights" tab, you can search and view highlights.

Click on any tag to filter all of the notes and highlights you have in that category.

You can also click on "Actions" to go to the actual page where you highlighted text, or to edit the note from right here in the study notebook.