*Note: Students will use the following method if your course is not accessible through your institution's LMS (learning management system) (i.e. Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Learning Suite, etc.). If you use Canvas at your institution, click here to view different instructions for students.

For courses that are not linked to an LMS, each course is assigned a unique Signup URL. When a student clicks on the Signup URL, your course material will be added to the student's shopping cart where he or she can continue through the checkout process. Once complete, the student will be given access to your course.


Most instructors publish the Signup URL on the course syllabus or university learning management system. This makes it easy for students to find.


If a course has multiple sections, each section will be given its own Signup URL. Make sure and publish the correct URLs to the correct students.

To find the correct signup URL for your course:

1. Verify that the course you are looking at is the course for which you want students to sign up. There can be distinct courses for each section.

2. Click the "information" icon at the top of the page to view the signup URL.

3. The new window will display a Signup URL.

4. Publish this URL to your students. It is common to publish the URL on a course syllabus or learning management system.

5. When students click on the URL, the material will automatically be added to a shopping cart, and the students can walk through the process to gain access to your course.