If you didn't include an assessment in Canvas from MyEducator during the initial setup process, it's not too late! Just follow the steps below to add an assessment later on.

1. Navigate to the “Modules” section of your Canvas course. Locate and click on the “MyEducator CanvasConnect” link. 

You will  arrive on the “Manage Connected Courses” page. 

2. Click on the “Edit” link located to the right of the “Go to course” button (depending on the size of your browser window, this link could be found down and to the left of the button).

You should now see the “Assessment Setup” page. 

3. Select the assessment(s) you would like to add by clicking the checkbox found directly to the left of the assessment. 

*Note: Any assessment with a red asterisk to the left of it has been added into your Canvas course already.

4. With the desired assessment(s) selected, scroll to the bottom of this “Assessment Setup” page and click the green, “Add Assessments to Canvas” button. 

A progress bar will now appear.

5. Once the import has been completed and the progress bar disappears, click the green “View Courseware” button.

6. Navigate to the “Assignments” page in your Canvas course. The newly added assessments most often get added at the bottom of this page. 

7. You can edit the order of the added assessments on the "Assignments" page by clicking the icon (the eight vertical dots) at the far left of the assessment’s selection bar. Then, drag and drop the assessment to the desired location.