Creating links in the Canvas Modules tab for navigation to specific sections of the MyEducator text

Before you begin:

  • Install the MyEducator CanvasConnect app in Canvas. 
  • Obtain the bookmark links from your MyEducator representative


  • Using Modules for this is easier than using Pages
  • Only one MyEducator text may linked to the Canvas course in question for the deep linking to work.
  • Students will be taken to the bookmarked location, instructors will not.
  • For troubleshooting, contact your MyEducator representative.

1. Make sure MyEducator CanvasConnect has been set up.

2. Navigate to Modules. Click the "+ Module" button.

3. Name the module. Click the Add Module button.

4. Click the "+ Module" button.

This is the screen you should see (if you have gone through this process before, the dropdown menu might be set as

something other than assignment).

 5. Select the External Tool option from the dropdown menu.

This is the screen you should see. Scroll down within in pop-up menu. 

De-select the "Load in a new tab" option. 

6. Locate the desired chapter/section HTML code (this document can be obtained from your MyEducator representative). Copy this code.

7. Paste the HTML code into the URL text area. Name the page using the Page Name text area. Click the Add Item button.

This is what you should see next.


The instructor and student views differ significantly. Below are pictures of what each user should expect to see.

Instructor View a, b, c, and d

Student View (true student view, not the Canvas Student View button)

Students should see one of the following two screens: the first if the text needs to be purchased; the second if the text has already been purchased.