Navigate to the course you would like to copy content into.

Click "Settings" in the Canvas navigation menu.

Click "Import Course Content" on the right side of the settings page.

From the Import Course page, select Copy a Canvas Course from the "Content Type" input.

Select the appropriate course to copy, select All Content, and click "Import."

Wait for the import to finish.

A green box will show that the import is complete.

In the newly created course, click on Modules and select MyEducator CanvasConnect.

Click Start Setup.

Select which material you'd like to connect to MyEducator  and click "Create Connection".

* Note: The MyEducator material you select will be copied, providing you with a new, updated resource that will be attached to your Canvas course.

Sit tight while the material is connected to your Canvas course.

You may see assessments that have already been pre-selected for you based on what assessments are in your Canvas course.  These will be designated by an orange star (see next picture). 

When you are satisfied with the assessments selected, click "Add Assignments to Canvas".

Wait while the assignments are added to your Canvas course.

Once complete, you can connect more material or select "View Courseware" to be taken to the material.

In your Canvas course, navigate to the Assignments tab.

You will see all of the selected MyEducator assignments available.

If you run into any problems, please contact us at and we will help walk you through the process.