Video Walk-through:



Step by Step Walk-through:

1. Navigate to the "Modules" section of your Canvas course. Once there, create a new module by locating and  clicking on the "+ Module" button. 

    You should now see a pop-up window in the middle of your screen.

2. Name the new module and then click the "Add Module" button. 

    Your new module should now be found in the "Modules" section.

3. Click on the "+" icon located to the right of your new module's title. 

    You should now see a pop-up window in the middle of your screen. 

4. Locate and click on the first drop-down menu.

5. Select the "External Tool" option from this drop-down menu.

    A list of links should now populate the area below the drop down menu we just used. 

6. In this list, locate the "MyEducator CanvasConnect" option and select it. If you are unable to locate the MyEducator external tool in this list, contact your Canvas administrator, your MyEducator sales rep or go to this article.

    *Notes: The name of the MyEducator external tool could be different based on what you or your Canvas     

    administrator named it. The link list area allows for scrolling.

7. Verify the "URL" text box and the "Page Name" text box have been auto-populated after selecting the "MyEducator CanvasConnect" option.

    *Note: Both the pop-up window and the link list area allow for scrolling.

8. Verify the "Load in a new tab" checkbox is de-selected, then click the "Add Item" button.

    Your module should now contain a link, titled "MyEducator CanvasConnect" (or whatever you or your Canvas 

    administrator named it). 

9. Click the "MyEducator CanvasConnect" link. 

    After clicking the link, if you have not yet used MyEducator in Canvas you should see a Canvas "Authorize 

    MyEducator" page. Click the authorize button. 

    The next page will be the MyEducator resource set up page. 

10. Click the "Connect Resource" button.

    You will then arrive at this screen. 

11. Use the drop down menu to select the resource you want to connect to Canvas and then click the "Create Connection" button. Contact your sales rep if there are no resources available to select.

    You should now see the following screen. This may take a few minutes!

    You will then arrive at the "Import Assessment" screen. 

12. Select the assessments you would like to import to your Canvas course by clicking the checkbox found directly to the left of each assessment. You can skip this step by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "Skip and Go to Resource" link.

13. Once you have finished selecting the assessments you would like to import, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Import to Canvas" button.

    Below is what you should see next. This also may take a minute. 

14. After the assessments have been imported, you will see the following screen. Click on the "Go to Resource" button to proceed to the text or on the "Connect Another Resource" link to connect another MyEducator resource to your Canvas course.

Your MyEducator resource is now connected to your Canvas course! If you have any issues whatsoever, please feel free to contact your sales rep or support at