Sometimes reading or video analytics don't update like they are supposed to. This can happen for a multitude of reasons.

You can have a more in-depth view of your progress for each topic by clicking on that topic's row. This pop up shows both reading and video completion information.


Here are some things to help the analytics to be recorded accurately.

       For Readings

  1. Try using a different browser. Google Chrome is recommended.
  2. Make sure the entire page is visible at some point as you scroll down the page.

       For Videos

  1. Click the row that is missing progress, This allows you to see all of the videos contained in that topic. Then click on the unfilled video camera icon to see your progress for an unrecorded video. You can then see which 5-second blocks have or have not been recorded. You can go directly to the video from here. If the video was recently updated, it is possible that the number of 5-second blocks doesn't match the actual video length. Let us know if that occurs.

        For both video and readings

  1. Manually click update progress (see gif)
  2. Try using a different browser

Occasionally, none of the above solutions will work. In this case, let our support team know what issues you are having, along with information such as your internet browser, which topic you are working on, and your operating system. We c.n manually update your progress.

MyEducator generally encourages instructors to not factor in reading and video analytics into grading, due to occasional issues with the software.