ActionAfter a few initial steps, the grades from your MyEducator course can be automatically sent to Instructure's Canvas LMS system.


You will need to select Canvas as the LMS for your course:


1. Click "Manage" > "Settings".



2. Scroll down to the bottom and select "Canvas" as the LMS system, and click "Save Changes".



Verify that the changes have been saved.

You will notice that there is a "Canvas" option in the "Manage" menu. The alert next to the canvas icon in the tab indicates that there is some setup left to complete.


Simply click on the "Canvas" option, and you will be guided through the setup process.


Canvas integration setup.


1. Input your institution's Canvas URL in the field provided. (Select the link below the field for help finding these items.)



*Notice the green checkmark indicating that this step is complete.

2. Next, click "Authorize". (This will connect your MyEducator course with Canvas so you can publish grades from MyEducator automatically.)


*You will see the following message when this step has been completed successfully:



3. Click "Choose Course".




4. Click "Create Link".



5. Click "Review" to see which assessments are included in Canvas.




*Select the assessments you would like to have sent to Canvas by clicking the on/off switch under the column "Include in Canvas". (You can also select multiple assessments by checking the boxes to the left-hand side. Then click "Include in Canvas".)



*Look for the message in the top-right to let you know that the assessments were uploaded to Canvas successfully



6. Click Optional Actions to Update Assessments, Upload Grades or Test Canvas Connection.




If you still have questions or need to do any troubleshooting, these buttons will help.