If you are interested in using MyEducator but have not used any material in the past...

Please contact us! We would be happy to set up a new course for you and give you all the information you need.

If you've already used MyEducator and just need to roll your course over for a new period or another section...


Duplicate Tutorial from MyEducator on Vimeo.


If you already have a course that you're using and simply want to duplicate it for another academic period, you can do so from the "Manage" menu.


You'll want to be sure you are in the course you want to duplicate (use the drop-down in the top left corner of the page to navigate between courses). Then follow the steps below:


Step 1. Click "Manage" and select "Duplicate Course".


Step 2. Give your course a new name (you may want to make it unique with a time period such as Fall 2017).

Select the items you would like to copy over, including General Course Setup, Materials, Assessments, and any people involved.


**Note: There may be a message at the top of the page related to updates. If you see this message, we suggest that you contact us so that we can update your course to the latest version.


Step 3. Press Create Course. This will generate a new signup code attached to a new copy of your course. (You will also receive an automated email with this link included.)

*Note: it is very important to give students the URL associated with the correct course, or they may sign up for a course from a previous instructional period. You can also access the signup link at any time by clicking the "Information" icon at the top of the page.

Step 4. You'll want to navigate to the assessments page of your new course to verify and adjust any assessment settings for your course (e.g., due dates, late policy, etc.). You can click the button on the confirmation page, or click Manage > Duplicate.