In order for Excel Educator to function properly, the following system and software requirements should be in place.

Operating Systems:


  • Minimum – Windows 7
  • Recommended – Windows 10


  • macOS 10.11 
Note: Due to the long-running rivalry between Apple and Microsoft, certain features in MS Excel are not as well-implemented on macOS (OS X). For this reason, the minimum macOS version is 10.13 (High Sierra). A MacBook Air does not have the capacity to facilitate use of the grading engine for Microsoft Office courses on MyEducator.

CPU: At least 2GHz

RAM: At least 4GB

Internet Connection Speed: At least 4mb download / 3mb upload speeds

MS Excel Versions:


  • Minimum: Excel 2013
  •  Recommended: Excel 2016


  • Minimum: Excel 2016

Note: Do not use any online version of Microsoft Excel. The online version does not have the capacity to enable macros needed for courses on MyEducator. If you wish to use Microsoft Office 365, you will need to download the applications to your computer. 


In addition, some tablet versions of Microsoft Excel are compatible. These versions must support macros. Without macros, Excel Educator will not function properly. For more information on How to Enable Macros with Windows 10s, click here.